Our Services

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services to meet your real estate needs. Our enriched client database and multilingual give us the niche position to provide you one stop shop services.

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Sales

At Jinsea, our job is not to just sell your property. We see our role as presenting your property to the buyers who see your property value and meet their needs. We want you to have our premium service to  justify a lifelong relationship with you. With the Jinsea Way, our services to you include:

  • Free property appraisal
  • Selling options advice and preparation to achieve the highest price
  • Opening your property to wider market
  • Securing and Closing the deal

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Management

Our professional property management team mark the distinction by its exclusive diversified portfolio of property management in Adelaide. Our team understand the needs of both the landlord and tenant and work our best to match the needs between the them.

With our advanced system, we are empowered to provide the landlord with:

  • Expert advice on pricing, rental preparation
  • Open inspections and sourcing reliable matching tenants
  • Processing all administrative documentation
  • Accurate recording of rental payments
  • Prompt response to your requests
  • Scheduled property inspections

Strata Management

Strata Management is a specialist area of property management. Jinsea is a qualified Strata Management agency with the expertise and system. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Real Estate Development & Consultation

Each real estate development project is unique and requires well planning and implementation to achieve the premium outcomes. Jinsea would like to be your partner providing expert advice specific to your project along the process from land acquisition, design to marketing and selling.

Individual investors, property owners and businesses who are at any stage of the development, no matter commercial and residential, we’d like to hear from you.

Contact Us for Your Real Estate Need

Why not call us on 08 7230 8228 to discuss your real estate need? No matter if you are selling, buying, renting or needing someone to manage your property, our team have the specialty and expertise to assist you!