The JinSea Way

The JinSea Way


JINSEA Real Estate mark the distinction by its exclusive diversified portfolio of property management in Adelaide, South Australia. We are a young, committed and fast growing real estate agency in the market. We inherited an essential culture & work ethics with hard work, cares and offering peace of mind to our client. We operate to the highest standards, benchmarking itself against the finest to exceed client’s expectation.

Our Difference


One of the most valuable asset of our company is our enriched client database. In addition to the local market, we have very close relationship with buyers from China and other Asian countries.  Our clients include migrants as well as overseas investors.  We ensure that our clients can sell their properties at the best price.


We speak the same language with our client.  All of our staff are multilingual.  They are generally from multi-cultural countries in Asia and live in Australia for years.  We understand local culture as well as other countries’ culture thus we can derive an essential marketing strategies for different market segments.

Customer Oriented

Customer Oriented

We believed our customers are our asset and best sales channels.  We prioritized our customer’s needs, not only with an objective to sell their properties, but to ensure our clients are happy and satisfactorily with the result.  Most of our clients are from referrals base.Therefore, we are consistently achieved high level of clients’ satisfaction.

All-round Knowledge

Unlike most of the agencies which are solely focusing on property sales and management, we are also specializing in real estate development and consultation.  With the comprehensive knowledge in this industry, we are able to offer the best solutions to cater for our customers’ needs.



We emphasis on team work and our clients have a team of agents to service them, not just one.  We require all our sales agents to market the properties proactively to maximize the exposure to the prospective buyers to strive for the best pricing.

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Why not call us on 08 7230 8228 to discuss your real estate need? No matter if you are selling, buying, renting or needing someone to manage your property, our team have the specialty and expertise to assist you!